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Ripoff Report: Rosland Capital, Marin Aleksov, CEO, Rosland Capital Scam, Ripped Me Off Santa Monica California

Ripoff Report: Rosland Capital, Marin Aleksov, CEO, Rosland Capital Scam, Ripped Me Off Santa Monica California: "Marin Aleksov"

Report: Rosland Capital

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Rosland Capital

429 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 450
Santa Monica California
Phone: 800-6796482
Web Address:

Category: Financial Services

Submitted: Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last posting: Saturday, June 27, 2009
Rosland Gold Doesn't Deliver!

I heard Rosland Gold Group on the CNBC radio and television show. I called their office, and ended up buying gold to be shipped to my home. Why does this have to happen to me and my $25K savings? They told me it would take a few weeks.

After a few weeks and no gold, I started calling them to find out where my shipment was. I called many times but my rep wouldn't call me back, so I got concerned and decided I wanted to cancel. I even called to speak to Marin Aleksov and he told me to stop acting like a baby and learn how to wait like a man! His accent is very strong and when I asked if he supported illegal immigration he said he did! WOW!

Since no one would call me, I looked for more information on their website. Here's another kicker - the refund policy on their website says the only way you can get a refund is if the coins they ship you end up being counterfeit. Well, I'm still waiting for mine!

I was so upset I called the CNBC to complain, and it turns out Rosland has paid to keep this bad press out of the news. This made me even more worried that I had been ripped off.

So I called some other gold companies about this gold thing, and they told me they're not having any problems getting gold, so I feel like Rosland Gold is lying about my gold and just took my money.

Then I drove over to their address in Santa Monica which is just a front – no one from Rosland Capital is even there. 429 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 450

The name of this company should be Snake's Gold! I would recommend anyone to steer clear of doing business with this company. They might look good on paper, or sound good on the radio, but bottom line is they don't perform, and they sure as hell don't deliver. My next step is to take legal action and tell Marin to stop cheating me!

Beverly Hills, California